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The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup(the tenth Cricket World Cup) will be hosted by: India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Host(s) India
 Sri Lanka

The World Cup will take place between 19 February 2011 to 2 April 2011.
FIRST MATCH on 19 February 2011 between India  and Bangladesh.
Participants : 14 Nations(from 104 entrants) 


ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule has been announced. World Best 14 Teams are divided into two groups: Group A and Group B. A total of 49 matches will be played. The tournament will occur in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh from Feb 19, 2011
Group A
Group B
South Africa
New Zealand
The Netherlands
West Indies

Match Schedule

DATETIMEMatch DetailsVenue
Feb 19,201114:30Bangladesh vs India D/NMirpur
Feb 20,201109:30New Zealand vs KenyaChennai
Feb 20,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Canada D/NHambantota
Feb 21,201114:30Australia vs Zimbabwe D/NAhmedabad
Feb 22,201114:30England vs Netherlands D/NNagpur
Feb 23,201114:30Pakistan vs Kenya D/NHambantota
Feb 24,201114:30South Africa vs West Indies D/NDelhi
Feb 25,201109:30Bangladesh vs IrelandMirpur
Feb 25,201114:30Australia vs New Zealand D/NNagpur
Feb 26,201114:30Pakistan vs Sri Lanka D/NColombo
Feb 27,201114:30India vs England D/NBangalore
Feb 28,201109:30Canada vs ZimbabweNagpur
Feb 28,201114:30West Indies vs Netherlands D/NDelhi
Mar 1,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Kenya D/NColombo
Mar 2,201114:30England vs Ireland D/NBangalore
Mar 3,201109:30South Africa vs NetherlandsMohali
Mar 3,201114:30Pakistan vs Canada D/NColombo
Mar 4,201109:30New Zealand vs ZimbabweAhmedabad
Mar 4,201114:30Bangladesh vs West Indies D/NMirpur
Mar 5,201114:30Australia vs Sri Lanka D/NColombo
Mar 6,201109:30South Africa vs EnglandChennai
Mar 6,201114:30India vs Ireland D/NBangalore
Mar 7,201114:30Canada vs Kenya D/NDelhi
Mar 8,201114:30Pakistan vs New Zealand D/NKandy
Mar 9,201114:30India vs Netherlands D/NDelhi
Mar 10,201114:30Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe D/NKandy
Mar 11,201109:30West Indies vs IrelandMohali
Mar 11, 201114:30Bangladesh vs England D/NChittagong
Mar 12,201114:30India vs South Africa D/NNagpur
Mar 13,201109:30New Zealand vs CanadaMumbai
Mar 13,201114:30Australia vs Kenya D/NBangalore
Mar 14,201109:30Bangladesh vs NetherlandsChittagong
Mar 14,201114:30Pakistan vs Zimbabwe D/NKandy
Mar 15,201114:30South Africa vs Ireland D/NKolkata
Mar 16, 201114:30Australia vs Canada D/NBangalore
Mar 17,201114:30England vs West Indies D/NChennai
Mar 18,201109:30Ireland vs NetherlandsKolkata
Mar 18,201114:30Sri Lanka vs New Zealand D/NMumbai
Mar 19,201109:30Bangladesh vs South AfricaMirpur
Mar 19,201114:30Pakistan vs Australia D/NColombo
Mar 20,201109:30Zimbabwe vs KenyaKolkata
Mar 20,201114:30India vs West Indies D/NChennai
Mar 23,201114:301st Quarter Final D/NMirpur
Mar 24,201114:302nd Quarter Final D/NColombo
Mar 25,201114:303rd Quarter Final D/NMirpur
Mar 26,201114:304th Quarter Final D/NAhmedabad
Mar 29,201114:301st Semi Final D/NColombo
Mar 30,201114:302nd Semi Final D/NMohali
Apr 2,201114:30Final D/NMumbai